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Repair and refoam your own speakers and save $$$$. We show you how!!...each of our kits includes a 24 minute instructional DVD that walks you through the entire repair process. Our popular do-it-yourself speaker foam replacement kits include everything you need to replace your old foam surrounds and bring your classic speakers back to peak performance! We carry only foam surrounds for the most popular speakers. This helps us to keep our cost low and pass the savings on to you. In addition to the popular kits, we sell standard size kits. These standard size kits will fit many, many, many models not included in our list of popular speakers. If you don't see your speakers listed...check our standard size kits.

Each kit includes a 24 minute
instructional DVD
Shipping on all kits to USA (USPS Priority Mail) is only $6.00!
International Shipping (International Priority Mail) is $38.00 (Canadian Shipping is $28.00)
Sorry, we do not ship to Russia, Italy, or Mexico
We have the Best Kits for the Best Price! Why? Our kits are complete with shims, dust caps and DVD instructions. Others offer these items in their "pro" kits only. Why pay more for a kit to do it the right way? The pros use shims when repairing woofers....you should too! Our kits contain everything you need to do the job right!

Cerwin Vega
8" vega kit: $19.50
10" vega kit: $23.50
12" vega kit: $26.00
15" vega kit: $29.00
6.5 inch kit 6.5" Standard Kits $18.50
Kits to fit most 6" and 6.5" standard size woofers.
Bose 301 kit: (2 8" woofers) $19.50
Bose 601 kit: (4 8" woofers) $30.00
Bose 901/802 kit: $48.00
8 inch kit 8" Standard Kits $19.50
These kits will fit most standard 8 inch woofers.
Boston Acoustics
Boston A40 kit: (6.5" woofers) $18.50
Boston A60, A70 kits: (8" woofers) $19.50
Boston A100 kit: (10" woofers) $20.50
Boston A400 kit: (8" + 6") $46.00
10 inch kit 10" Standard Kits $20.50
These kits will fit many standard 10 inch woofers including many Pioneer, Sansui, Acoustic Research and other models.
JBL 116A, (8") $19.50
JBL 125A, (10") $20.50
JBL 2214, ( 12") $22.50
JBL 128, (12") $22.50
12 inch kit 12" Standard Kits $21.50 - $22.50
These kits will fit most standard 12 inch woofers including many Pioneer, Kenwood and Marantz models. 3 different kits available.
Large Advent: $22.50
Prodigy Tower, 2002: $19.50
Baby Advent: $18.50
15 inch kit 15" Standard Kits $24.50
This kit will fit many standard size 15 inch woofers.
Acoustic Research
AR-18s kit: (8" woofers) $19.50
AR-11 Kit: (11" woofers) $22.00
AR-2ax plus others Kit (10" woofers) $20.50
AR-90 kit: (2 8" woofers, 4 10" woofers) $46.00

6.5 inch kit 4", 5" and midrange Kits
Kits to fit many smaller woofers and midrange speaker.
We accept personal checks and credit cards through paypal.com.
To order any of our kits simply follow the "buy now" buttons to purchase through Paypal or printout our order form for order by mail.

Feedback from our customers!!

I was very satisfied to find my repair kit in the mailbox a short while after ordering them. I watched the video and felt confident to start my repair. After a few hours (first speaker taking the larger part of the time because it was the first time) the job was done. The speakers now play brilliantly. According to my opinion my BA T830 speakers are now restored to the condition they were in when I purchased them. I can highly recommend the service provided by Wooferrepair.
Peter Korde Sweden

Just wanted to let you know the kit that I ordered from you, worked excellent. The video was a great help!. Having never repaired a single speaker in my life, I was expecting some kind of glitch, but there was'nt any. The repair went flawlessly! And the speakers sound great. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the prompt shipment, and quality products.

Thanks again for the repair kit. I watched your DVD and it was great. It was explained thoroughly and the materials supplied made for a perfect result. The old 501's sound fantastic and my friends couldn't believe that I had repaired them. Great product and thanks again.
Bruce, East Perth, Australia

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for this kit. All went perfectly on my Boston's. They sound great and your instructions were excellent!! If I ever need any other kits I'll be sure to order from you. Thanks again,
Mark, Granbury, Texas

Outstanding! My Boston�s are back up and rockin�! Thanks to you guys (and google)!
Dan, Oakland, CA

This is the best system you can buy. Also having the shims is the only way you want to repair you vintage speakers. My Bose 301's bought in 1980,Then 15 years later my kids ruined the foam surrounds. your kit fixed them and the sound is as I remember them when I bought them new! Thanks,

I TOTALLY appreciate your product. I purchased a surround kit from you last week. It arrived promptly, the DVD was excellent (written for the engineer in me) and more importantly, it worked like a charm. I couldn't be happier with the entire deal.
Ed, Lenexa, KS

A few weeks ago I ordered a repair kit for my 1984 Boston Acoustics Series 100 speakers. I wanted to let you know that the kit worked beautifully and the speakers sound better than ever. Not only that but it was a fun project. When the surrounds first deteriorated I called Boston Acoustics and they quoted me a price of $60 per speaker. I was very happy when I found your website.
Russell, Providence, RI

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for providing such a fabulous repair kit. I was afraid I was going to have to trash my Boston Acoustics A150s after the woofer surrounds turned into dust but then came across your website after doing a Google search. I downloaded the on-line video, saw how simple the repair was, and ordered my kit that same night. I just installed both surrounds and the speakers sound as good as new. Kudos to you for providing such a simple, economical repair kit for a terrific set of speakers. I will recommend your kit to any audiophile I come across who is considering throwing away otherwise perfectly good speakers simply because the surrounds deteriorated.
Nick, Sewell, New Jersey

I�ve received today your refoamkit for my JBL�s. It�s already fixed, so easy �cause of your wonderful instructions. Great results� Many thanks and I�ll keep on rockin�
Marc Manni�n, The Netherlands

Received the surrounds today for my Large Advents and I would like to say thanks for the lightning fast delivery and offering these high quality surrounds at a great price too. Although I have purchased several sets of surrounds from several vendors these are by far the best and most complete set of surrounds I have bought. Thanks again.
W Pick, Lynchburg, VA

I ordered a refoam kit for a pair of OHM #7 speakers I purchased at a local thrift store. The kit arrived in 2 DAYS! I watched the DVD first, then took my time cleaning and preparing for the install of the new surrounds. As in the prep work, I also took my time during the installation process. The install was flawless!!! I allowed extra time before giving the OHM's a workout. Without a doubt, these speakers again, ROCK! Thanks for your service, I have bookmarked your site, and WILL BE a repeat customer.
Jeff, (Southern Wisconsin)

Kit arrived as you said and after some hours work my speakers are like new again and working hard :-)))) Many thank's for your helpful video and a complete kit making this job easy. Regards from
Thomas in Sweden